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Tyler Nursery Listings | Tyler Nursery Information


Tyler Texas has many great nurseries. Tyler is known as the Rose Capital, and as great as that is, it is not the end of the story. Tyler is also famous for it's annual Azalea Trails event, and in fact, just about anything you can imagine growing in your landscape can be found growing right here. Tyler area nurseries carry a wide variety of nursery plants and other things you need to make your landscape and garden stand out, and since there are so many nurseries competing for your business, Tyler nursery products are priced fairly.

Browse through the list and make a few calls, and by the time you get off the phone you will probably know exactly where to find what you need for your gardening and landscaping needs without having to drive across half of Texas.

Tyler Nurseries 

  • Blue Moon Gardens 903.852.3897
  • Bob Wells Nursery 903.882.3550
  • Breedlove Nursery and Landscape Co. 903.597.7421
  • Chamblee’s Rose Nursery 903.882.5153
  • Harris Nursery and Garden Center 903.593.8846
  • Hughes Plant Farm 903.894.7737
  • In The Wind 903.509.3700
  • Ingram Nursery 903.592.7034
  • J.R. Lockhart and Sons Nursery 903.561.0276
  • Neal Nursery 903.882.8688
  • Powel’s plant Farm 903.842.3123
  • R and T Quality Nursery 903.881.0600
  • Riley Farms Wholesale Nursery 903.876.2003
  • Roses USA 903.882.3112
  • Tate Rose Nursery 903.593.1020
  • Texas Pecan Nursery Inc 903.849.6203
  • Trees USA 903.882.8675
  • Tyler Rose Nursery 903.882.6193
  • Whites Tree Service 903.595.1106
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